Think It Over - Apple Farm

When Anna Belle and I recently checked into the Apple Farm, a motel in San Luis Obispo where we have stayed many times, something was different. We couldn’t quite put our finger on it. Perhaps it was the buzz in the air. Or the number of men in blue suits staying at a romantic getaway. Or was it the unaccounted excitement of the employees. Whatever it was, it was different.

After dinner we were talking to one of the staff, and she confided that a celebrity was going to visit the motel. When we asked who it was, she replied, “The governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger,” but not to tell anyone.

The next morning I approached several of the men in blue suits, who had their coats unbuttoned, earplugs, with wires going down their shirt collars, and who once in a while talked into their sleeves.

I asked, “When is The Man arriving?” They said, “About 11 o’clock?” I asked, “Where will he be?” They replied, “At the restaurant.”

So, I made a reservation at the restaurant for 11 a.m. and when we went in there were several protesters on the sidewalk with placards. We were shown to our seats and waited with anticipation. All of a sudden, we heard applause at the front of the restaurant. He had arrived. We hoped he would come by our table and I have to admit I was excited.

Not only was he the governor, but he was The Terminator, One who had saved us from aliens, wiped out the bad guys with his incredible weapon and could ride a motorcycle like no other. He also taught in an Elementary School when he was an underground cop. He was tough, handsome and had a body, which at one time earned him a world championship.

All of a sudden, the aisle filled with photographers and newscasters. He was actually coming by our table. I was pumped and there he was extending his hand. As I shook it, Anna Belle and both jumped up, stood on either side of him, handed our camera to another patron and asked if she would take our picture, which she did.

And then he was gone, whisked away by the men in the blue suits.

As I reflected on this, I was a bit embarrassed that I was so excited over meeting The Terminator, now my Governor. I had had another meeting that morning when I had my devotions. It was with the One Who had made The Terminator, The King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He was always accessible to me, not just for a few seconds, but 24/7. He could do for me what no Governor could do, nor President, nor King. But was I that excited? I must confess that I was more excited about the Governor and was convicted.

My prayer is that when I meet the Master each morning, I’ll be excited, pumped and grateful that He is always ready to meet me and not just shake my hand, but hold it forever.