Clyde to Anna Belle

Written by Clyde for the occasion of his memorial

My dearest Anna Belle,

I don't know what today is going to hold. I just know that my "times are in His hands." That was the last thought in this morning's Daily Light. It was a wonderful reading and gave me a peace for whatever happens.

The Old Testament reading had the passage that was the text for my inaugural address at Biola.

You have been my heart's delight and God's special gift to our family. The Lord is with you and He will sustain you and give you grace and strength. Remember the verse you shared with me as a Biola student: "In our weakness His strength is made perfect" (II Cor. 12:9-10).

I'll be waiting in heaven for you. The wonderful reunions we had when I returned from trips will be nothing compared to that wonderful reunion in heaven. I love you and thank the Lord for allowing us to serve Him together. You are truly a faithful helpmeet. My love and appreciation has grown deeper with every passing day. Good-bye until we meet in glory.

I love you,

Anna Belle to Clyde

My Dearest Clyde,

You have left a legacy for our family and friends and you have brought such joy to my heart. I have loved being your wife and you have always made me feel so special.

Your dedication to the Lord has been so steadfast and you loved sharing about Jesus all around the world. It has been my privilege to stand at your side as we served together as a team throughout our journey together.

I am so happy we were blessed to be together and share our 50th Wedding Anniversary last June 2007.

Well done my love!

I will miss you but I know that the Lord Jesus will take care of me and be my comfort.

Good night sweetheart, I will see you in the morning.
Anna Belle

Clyde Cook met Anna Belle Lund in January 1954 on Biola's original campus at Sixth and Hope streets in Los Angeles. They fell in love and became engaged on December 18, 1954. They married on June 7, 1957 at First Brethren Church in Inglewood.

Luis Palau International Christian Evangelist

He was a cheerful man, a visionary man, a prayerful man. He blessed all with his leadership and godliness. He was a leader. He was relentless. He did what he said. Dr. Cook was a lovable bear. He loved people and really loved the body of Christ. God used him to bless tens of hundreds of thousands. He walked with God. He obeyed the commands of the Lord. He was faithful even to death.

J. Richard Chase and his wife, Mary Biola's sixth president, 1970-1982

Clyde Cook was much more to us than a partner in higher education. He was a wonderful and longtime friend. From his first years as a student at Biola in Los Angeles until now, we have known Clyde to be a man of God, a faithful servant and friend, loving and compassionate, and a blessing always in our lives. We are so thankful for his life of service for the Lord-for his leadership in missions work, and his Godly leadership as President of Biola for so many years. We will miss him.

Josh McDowell Author, Speaker and Founder of Josh McDowell ministry

His dedication, professionalism and spirituality impacted thousands of lives that are now impacting the world.

Charles Swindoll Internationally known author and speaker

I do not know in my lifetime if I've met anyone more Christ like than Clyde Cook. He is a true servant of his Lord and of others. I think of Micah 6:8: here was a man who did what was right, loved kindness, and walked humbly with his God. That was Clyde Cook. He not only walked well, he finished well. He never lost his heart for those who were less fortunate and for those without Christ. Without a doubt he was the most encouraging friend I have ever had.

John Thune Biola alumnus, U.S. Senator of South Dakota

He had a profound impact on the individuals attending Biola. He always had a great passion for students and he had a tremendous intensity towards having an impact on young people.

Chuck Colson Chairman and Founder, Prison Fellowship Ministry

He was absolutely a pacesetter. Biola is where it is today because of Clyde's leadership.

Dallas Willard Professor, School of Philosophy at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles

I love Clyde Cook. I felt a kinship with him as I have for few people. He was a man of great heart and broad vision. The good he did for Christian higher education in a time of major transition cannot be overestimated. His soul did magnify the Lord. He left much good here on this earth, and heaven is a fairer prospect to me because he is there. God bless Clyde Cook, God bless his work, and may his joy be sweet.

Duane Liftin President of Wheaton College

Clyde was a man of vision; he envisioned the future and teamed people up to get them there. What a marvelous run he had and a great influence he had on Christian higher education that goes beyond Biola. A word of thanks for his modeling and willingness to put himself on the line in leadership. He set a model for us all.

Lloyd John Ogilvie Former Chaplain of the U.S. Senate

I thank Clyde for all that he meant to Christendom throughout the world and for the dynamic leadership he gave not only to students but to faculty and his officers at the university. He gave courageous leadership and the image of what it means to love Christ with your mind.

Paul R. Corts President, Council for Christian Colleges and Universities

Our prayers are with the Cook family and all of the Biola community as they mourn the loss of this great servant, and celebrate the life of this dearly loved, respected and admired leader. Indeed, what you all will experience so intensely, all of us in Christ-centered higher education will experience as well in less intimacy but nevertheless profoundly, because Clyde's life cast such a very large shadow that has impacted us all.

Calvin Cook brother South Africa

His South African family will miss his passion for Christ, his enthusiasm, his humour and his generosity. But we all give thanks for his life.

Athene, sister, and Randall Johnston Redlands, Calif.

Clyde, you are amazing! You packed so much into your life for the Lord. You charged ahead with strength and fortitude serving Our Savior, always with your total heart and soul. Your success in spreading God's message and equipping students to make an impact for the Lord has always made us proud and honored to be in your presence. There is so much I could add and reflect on; however, I will simply say "I Love You," have always loved, admired, and felt your spiritual impact as God guided your journey in earthly tasks for God's Kingdom. Through the readings of the Daily Light, a family tradition, we have shared a closeness to you. Say "Hello" to our beloved MUM and DAD, Celene and Vandyke.